la tromba che commuove Milano suonando "O mia bela Madunina"

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waiting in line to enter supermarket coronavirus milan

Lines to enter the supermarket in Milan

Limited amount of people allowed inside at a time, to reduce the risk of getting to close to others. Mandatory spacing in line of at least one meter apart.

stop scialpinismo

Stop Mountain Activities

While it is no longer permitted to leave your town, many at the start of the lockdown were still escaping to the mountains and of course there are those who live in the mountains. Th emountain rescue has posted this plea for everyone to stay at home, since if you injured yourself you would burden the already maxed out healthcare system.

free taxi

Free taxis for the elderly

I hate the taxi driver mafia in Milan and Italy, they are overpriced, unreliable criminals and I use them only when absolutely necessary. But I applaud them on this occasion, for offering free services to the elderly who may need a ride for urgent needs.


What solution is best for you?

Evaluate your objectives and expertise with the identified needs for your area of focus. Take steps towards creating a successful solution.


How will you tell your story?

You might have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, but if you are unable to express the value of your idea in a clear and captivating way, in a manner that shares your solution's benefits, you will have less cooperation, engagement and adoption ( and sales).