270insudeFind out what is going on inside that effects that effects the customer experience on the outside

Understand what is happening inside, in order to create a better customer experience on the outside. Gain the big picture to acquire the needed foundation for designing strategy, new products, services and business models and improve your ability to make successful decisions. Creating a design driven organization enables you to gather and generate insights to meet the challenges of:

  • creating new startups, projects, products and services
  • making successful decisions
  • transforming from working with a sense of urgency to sense of purpose
  • making key hiring and outsourcing decisions

Ask about our experience audits which examine:


Culture - How can your organization create a culture with values that support becoming more innovative, more customer centric, more design driven? The starting point is gaining a clear picture of your current culture, identifying what works well and what needs adjusting.


People - Who makes up your company, your department or your team? How can you build more empathy within your time so they can be more effective in achieving goals? How can you help those who often pressed with many responsibilities to be completed in too short a time? How can you ensure your are not missing out on key insights already available within  the employee group? How can you tap into and build upon people's different areas of expertise to bring in the value of diverse perspectives to help innovate?

processframe copy

Process - Do your processes reflect the values of a design driven company? Do they enhance or inhibit, collaboration and communication? Are they transparent and easy to use so that all can see progress made and more quickly identify obstacles?

Do your processes reduce confusion and redundancies and errors and how is this measured? Is there an opportunity to simplify and streamline processes to save time, reduce errors and frustration?


Strategy - What exactly is strategy and how does it effectively translate into day-to-day work? How is your organization's strategy perceived and understood by all who must execute it? How much of a gap exists between what a strategy says and what is done? How do you measure successful strategy execution?